HOW DOES THE SERVICE WORK ? Our concierge staff has been professionally trained to coordinate the services listed in the Directory of Services. As a Menashe Properties client, you can direct all your inquires and service requests through our Personal Concierge Service Desk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DO I PAY MORE BY USING THE SERVICE ? Clients DO NOT pay more for a product or service by directing requests through us. In fact, clients will often receive discounted rates, or get more for their money because of our buying power. Clients are naturally responsible for direct costs incurred - if applicable (e.g. cost of event tickets, tours, dry cleaning services, etc.) and a nominal coordination fee is applied to select services (only if on-site supervision or an errand runner/personal shopper, etc. are utilized.)

HOW DO I PLACE A REQUEST ? You may contact your Personal Concierge Service team to place your inquiries and requests by phone, fax, text message, email, and direct web access, the details of which are listed below. Be sure to have your concierge service access code available so that if asked, this can be provided.

HOW CAN MY BUSINESS BE INCLUDED AS A SERVICE PROVIDER ? All Menashe Properties Concierge service providers are vetted through an enrollment process that requires the completion of an application form. Please email Menashe Properties for more information.

Tel : (888) 540-5936
Fax : (888) 993-0600
E-mail : service@menasheconcierge.com
Web : www.menasheconcierge.com

Tel: 888.540.5936 Fax: 888.993.0600 Email: service@menasheconcierge.com